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We have been
designing electronics
for you since 2005

Lemontech is a versatile design company. We offer comprehensive electronic device design services: we design PCBs, launch prototypes, and conduct testing. We also offer device redesign services. For developed projects, we implement serial production.

The Scope of Our Services:

PCB Design


Design of Enclosure and Mechanical Components

Prototype and Serial Production

Laboratory tests EMC


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Technologies in which we have experience:

Microcontrollers / FPGA

ARM, STM32, iMX, Renesas RZ, Spartan, Virtex, Stratix, Arria, DSP

Radio circuits

BLE, WiFi, LoRa, M-BUS, Z-Wave, GSM, GPS, RFID


USB, Ethernet, I2S, S/PDIF, PCIe, LVDS, RS485, MODBUS

Power Supply Circuits

PoE (Power over Ethernet), battery-operated, HV (High Voltage), ULP (Ultra Low Power), low-noise, isolated

Medical signals

EMG, MMG, EKG, BioZ, plethysmography


CCD / CMOS / PSD detectors, microbolometer arrays, YAG/IR laser drivers

Efficient Design

In the design process, we place particular emphasis on precisely defining the client's requirements. We discuss specifically what functions it should fulfill and in what conditions it should operate. What it should look like, and even how much it should cost for the end customer. Thanks to accurate definition, the work on the project proceeds smoothly, the client reduces costs, and brings their product to the market faster.
Efficient Design
Firmware, Because the Product Must Think

Firmware, Because the Product Must Think

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and networking are concepts that have dominated electronics in recent years. Modern products must think, and successful firmware determines this. We will develop your product's software precisely tailored to needs, using technologies such as CPU, DSP, or FPGA.

Launching Serial Production

An electronic file with the design is not yet a product. We have been operating in the industry for years and are easily able to efficiently launch the production of your product. We will make a prototype, test it, and refine it to perfection. And we'll do it quickly.
Launching Serial Production

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